Remembering Mother

I had purchased a few weeks back a memorial plaque for Francesca Rose. I was so impressed I've told many friends and shall return again as I just did now with this order.

Thanks and God Bless Dominic : )


Got it...beautiful! Perfect!   Thanks.

Susan J Alt / Johnson

Just wanted to tell you that I received the brass plate today in the mail. It is absolutely perfect. You really do excellent work.
Have a nice day and Thank You.
Bob Ulbik

My name is Charles, and I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team are exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!"
Charles, Canada



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Engraving Plates for Remembering Mom

The death of a mother is one of the worst things to cope with in your life. Once the funeral is over, you start the grief process. Greiving can last a long time. Using engraving plates on favorite framed photo, scrapebook, or a memory box can go a long way from grieving a death to celebrating the life of your mother.

Favorite Photo of Mom

A wonderful thing to do is take your favorite photo of mom and put it into a frame. We usually engrave plates with mom's name, birth and death dates. And sometimes we engrave mom's favorite saying on the engraving plate. It's all about remembering the good times.

Scrapbook with Engraving Plate

If your are into scrapbooking, this is a great way to handle the bereavement of your mother. A must for the scrapbook is a memorial poem about what your mom meant to you. Collect all the memories of mom and go to work. It will be a labor of love. When the Memory Scrapbook is done, put an engraved plate on the cover with her name, birth and death dates. Sometimes you will want to put a short saying that means alot to you about your mom. The scrapbook becomes a memorial to your mom that you can pick up any time and remember fondly your mother.

Memory Box with Engraving Plate

Sometimes the scrapebook just isn't big enough. A Memory Box with an engraved plate on top will be the perfect solution.

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We carry Brass Plates, Leaded Brass Plates, Nickel Silver Plates, Black Brass Plates and Copper engraving plates.

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